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Telephone: +49(0)89 61 51 55 33

Address: CSS-Arche UG, Dachauer Str. 340, 80993 Munich, Germany.

About Tractor Media

The importance of computer generated imagery is best reflected in marketing, where having good quality architectural renderings or good artistic architectural animations could help not only to steal the race – to start the marketing much sooner, but it can especially help potential clients to visualize the architectural projects and mostly visualize themselves “around” those building.

Since almost 80% of the people remember what they see, having something which is called visual memory, the importance of good architectural visualizations is unquestionable.

In order to obtain some good, reliable, architectural representations, we’ve organized our work-flow in different steps:

  •     gradually focusing on the geometry of the construction site, the geometry of the buildings, the colors and the textures for the construction materials, and after that
  •     the integration in the neighborhoods, using pictures from the construction site
  •     and, in order to get the right atmosphere that reflects the clients expectations, we add our artistic touch.

From our experience, making a good 3D representation of the plans can be very helpful for architects and builders to better visualize the buildings before the actual construction starts and to take early decisions.

Since our products don’t reflect only our skills but also the work of the architects and the designers who are delivering the plans, our work-flow is mainly focused around the feedback we receive from our clients. (This makes us more responsible, aware and perfectionist about our work.)

And for a proper representation we offer high-end photo-realistic visualizations, 3D plan views, 360° panoramas and animations for the architectural projects, but our skills don’t stop here.

The artistic refinement can easily be seen in our previous commercials and short films we’ve done and with the help of our programming department we’ve been able to provide some pretty interesting apps for smart phones, web and desktops.