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An abstract illustration of the cycle concept.
Director and artist: Adrian Bugnar.

iray was chosen as renderer because it was very easy to set up and this allowed for experimentation with lighting very quickly and without too much effort.
Just by using some very simple materials and models, the scene looked great – you gotta love real DOF :)

We are Tractor Media. Our specialties are 3D graphics and animation

Our dedicated artists have a combined experience of more than 40 years in the field. We’re not old, we just started early ;). We founded Tractor Media back in 2008, after having long worked together on a variety of projects.

We kindly invite you to browse through our portfolio of computer generated images and animations.

Extensive portfolio

We classified our diverse work in three areas:

To see a detailed list of what we can do for you, please check out our graphics services page.


We cherish the professional relationships we developed along all these years of activity. They are the product of mutual trust between us and our clients, and for us that means devoting ourselves to delivering 3D computer graphics at high standards, on budget and on time.

Our CGI animations were commissioned by, or used by, remarkable companies and individuals such as:


Each member of our team is at one time involved in the development of all of our products. We each have our areas of expertise and together we offer a well-rounded set of computer graphics skills.

Let’s meet the team:

Adrian Bugnar

— Lead Art Director

Key competencies: character animation, mechanical animation, cinematography, art direction and project management.

Adrian has a Master’s degree in Video Arts, having studied at the University of Art and Design, Cluj-Napoca.

Horea Trîncă

— Lead Technical Artist

Key competencies: rigging and animation, 2D compositing and green screen keying, scripting and shader programming.

Horea has a Master’s degree in Computer Science, having studied at Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca.

Vlad Borza

— 3D Modeling Wizzard

Key competencies: hard surface modeling, character design and 3D sculpting, exterior architectural rendering.

Darius Hancheș

— Interior Design Guru

Key competencies: interior design and decoration, interior and exterior architectural rendering, image post-processing and color correction.

Darius has a Degree in Video Arts, having studied at the University of Art and Design, Cluj-Napoca.

We all possess a deep understanding of 3D modeling, realistic rendering and image composition.

All the crazy artists are held in place, with feet firmly on the ground, by:

Cristian Cherecheș

— Master of the Spreadsheets

Key competencies: writing for advertisements, publicity analysis, marketing and financial management.


Our products rarely require 3D graphics alone, so we have built a network of friends to help us with professional services for: software development, 2D design and printing, sound design and voice acting, filming on set and on location.

Interactive Santa Trailer by Tractor Set GO!

With it’s immersing graphics and a touch of interactivity, we hope this Christmas greeting will remain in your heart. Happy holidays!

Download from Google Play Store.

Visit us at:

At this time of year, we sit around the Christmas tree enjoying the company of our family and friends. One mysterious old man, with long beard and red outfit, brings smiles to our faces and leaves us with blushed cheeks. Without being seen, he magically places gifts beneath our Christmas tree.

There are many stories about good old Santa Claus. But which is the story he’d tell us?

Sky Print Spring

TV commercial for Sky Print

The animation continues a series of commercials in which the environment is deceptively presented as real, whereas everything exists on a paper printed using Sky Print cartridges. This time, the commercial presents nature coming to life as spring settles in.

Just as with our Christmas animation, this commercial was rendered in iRay. iRay is an innovative technology developed by Mental Images which uses the video card to render the frames, and produces photo-realistic results.

The commercial will be broadcast on the Romanian TV channel Antena 3, between March the 1st and the 30th of March.

“Clockwork Red” – Merry Christmas!

It’s funny how time flies… It’s been a really busy year for us here at Tractor Media, too busy to update the website in fact!
But for now, please sit back and enjoy this animated holiday greeting, that is for you. :)
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Some technical info for those 3D-heads that might be curious:
This was also our first test with iray. iray was excellent for this type of animation, proving its speed with glossy reflections, and all this at an amazing quality. Real depth of field was a spoil, and gave the renders a better macro lens look. The only thing that prevented us from achieving photorealism in this animation was our lack of time to animate and render the whole thing and to learn the specifics of iray.

Take care,

Team Tractor Media

Starcraft Legacy Cinematic – “First Contact”

This cinematic was made for StarCraft Legacy. StarCraft Legacy is an award winning officially authorized fan site.

It is more than eleven years old and is the web’s best source for StarCraft and StarCraft II news, editorials and features.
It contains the best and most accessible StarCraft lore resource.


The cinematic can be enjoyed by everybody, but it will resonate especially with well versed StarCraft fans.

It takes place four days prior to the start of the first single player campaign from StarCraft,
focusing on the first contact between the Protoss and the Terrans, as executor Tassadar is sent to cleanse Terran colonies of the Zerg infestation.

These events are spoken of during the game, but we never saw how it all happened. Until now.

Great credit goes to our long time friend and collaborator, Phillip Sacramento ( for his portrayal of Tassadar.

Our Services

Animation for Commercials

We offer a wide range of CGI services:

  • 3D animation for short films, music videos and commercials:
    • Modelling, sculpting and texturing
    • Rigging and animation
    • Shading and lighting
    • Rendering

  • VFX:
    • Green screen extraction
    • Digital environments and matte painting
    • 2D/3D tracking and matching
    • Integration and re-lighting
    • Set supervision, script analysis and shot breakdown
  • Compositing and colour correction
  • Previsualization
  • Character design and animation
  • Simulation:
    • Destruction
    • Fluids
    • Fire and explosions
    • Hair
    • Particles
    • Cloth
  • 3D stereoscopic rendering
  • Motion graphics
  • Artistic direction and screenplay

Architectural Rendering

We have a well-oiled pipeline to tackle architectural projects.
Our extensive expertise in the field of CGI is a guarantee for stunning looking images.

Our architectural services include:

  • Photo-realistic still images, interior and exterior
  • Photo-montages (i.e. 3D buildings integrated seamlessly into photographs)
  • Walk-through animations
  • Interactive virtual tours
  • Custom furniture and object modelling

We follow three stages during a project, designed to ensure a good collaboration with our clients:

  1. Gather plans and references
    • We analyse them and give you a quote.
    • Both 2D plans and 3D geometry are accepted.

  2. Draft phase
    • We deliver iterations of preview images to make sure everything is in the right place.

  3. Finalization
    • Once the draft images satisfy your requirements, we start work on the final product.
    • This final step adds colour processing, refines placement of small objects and integrates the 3D model into a photographic environment.