This movie was created for Imagine Cup 2008. You can view the storyboard here.


Have you ever wondered what keeps everything on Earth in a constant cycle of organized evolution and existence? What if everything was being carefully controlled by a huge laboratory built inside the planet itself? Such critical technology would need a steady hand to guide it in caring for every detail of the planet’s environment and life.

Our story takes place within this laboratory, the Enviromatic. It is a time when Jones, in charge with the controls, has become too old to continue his duties. He must teach his grandson, Timmy, how everything is meant to run so that he may succeed him. But will Timmy have the patience and concentration to properly manage the controls of the Enviromatic?

The conclusion is that technology cannot be right or wrong, but the one behind it chooses the path it will take. In the right hands it will do wonders, while in unprepared hands, it can only spell disaster.

Genre: Propellerhat portrays its message with a comic nature at times, but takes a serious tone when needed. A mix of Fantasy, Comedy and Drama.

Special thanks go to our music guy: Piotr Musial ( for the sleepless nights (he only had 3 days for the whole movie, but his work is phenomenal).

Also special thanks to Phillip Sacramento ( for his extraordinary voice acting.